MicroBay™ Best Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure for Small Rooms

Are you looking for a small home golf system that won’t eat up your entire room? The MicroBay™ is your best choice for a free standing home golf simulator screen because it is specially designed for small rooms with reduced floor space. If you can swing a golf club in the room, then you can use the MicroBay™ for your golf projection screen system. 


The MicroBay™ 8×10 is optimzed for 4:3 projectors.

The MicroBay™ 9×12 is optimized for 16:9 projectors.

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Additional Notes:

  • Could be fitted directly against the wall (with no need for an unsightly gap).
  • Adjustable side netting.
  • The two leg poles at the bottom extend only 3′ from the back wall.
  • Screens extend to only 2′ in a room.
  • Easy to set up (only takes a few minutes).
  • Black valance, side curtains, and leg wrappers for a world-class appearance.
  • 45° retractable side netting and heavy duty sandbags (easily stowed out of sight when not in use).