BudgetBay Low Cost Indoor Home Simulator Screen Enclosure

Bring your home golf simulation to life at the most competitive price.



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This indoor home simulator screen enclosure enables you to experience what you would on the green. Moreover, the material used in it protects whatever is behind the simulator screen and doesn’t require any additional installations. The safety valence gives you maximum protection as well. You also have the option to add the netting.

Here is everything that will be included in your order:

  • Heavy-duty standard fabric hitting screen (upgrade to our Premium fabric for the brightest and sharpest image).
  • Cascading BlackOut™ system covering sides, top, and front poles.
  • SideRite™ Screen Tensioning system
  • Can be Customized
  • Steel corner kit for 1″ EMT pipes. You will purchase the pipes locally to save on shipping costs.
  • BudgetBay™ can sit directly against the wall. No need to include a gap for the screen to reflex!